The annual European Safety and Reliability (ESREL) conference stems from a European initiative merging several national conferences into a major annual conference under the auspices of the European Safety and Reliability Association (ESRA,

Safety, reliability and risk management become more and more important in an always more challenging and competitive environment, in every industry and human activity: multidisciplinary approaches to safety & reliability engineering and risk management become more and more necessary and attractive. ESREL 2011 conference will provide a forum for presentation and discussion of scientific works covering theories and methods in the field of risk, safety and reliability, and their application to a wide range of industrial, civil and social sectors and problem areas. ESREL 2011 will also be an opportunity for researchers and practitioners, academics and engineers to meet, exchange ideas and gain insight from each other.

The Conference Venue

After La Baule in 1994 and Lyon in 2002, ESREL will be held in France in 2011 and Troyes has been selected as the venue for the upcoming ESREL 2011.

Troyes, the ancient capital of Champagne, is located on the Seine river near Paris (150km south-east) and is well known for its heritage of the 16th century. The textile tradition of Troyes goes back to the Middle Ages, when the great Champagne Fairs were held in the city of Troyes. At the XIX century, Troyes becomes the European capital of hosiery and mesh. The city is rich in art and history and it shows the memory of this period with its cobbled streets, its half-timbered houses, its renaissance town houses and Champagne checkerboard facades. Troyes reveals various museums (e.g. museum of hosiery, museum of craft tools and work reflexion, but also museum of modern art), many stained glasses of XIII at the XIX century and the vicinity of Troyes exhibits its vineyard of the great Champagne.

The thriving economy of Troyes and the Champagne Region lies in its diversity starting from historic textile and knitwear industries towards services and higher added value enterprises.

The conference program will give you an opportunity to enjoy all of this in addition to a strong technical content. For more information, planning your stay and enjoying friendly welcoming atmosphere visit

Troyes University of Technology (UTT -, established in 1994, has developed undergraduate and graduate programs in reliability and safety engineering and risk management. An important part of the research developed at UTT is organized around "Sciences and Technologies for Risk Management", following a multidisciplinary approach.

 Conference chairman

 Antoine GRALL
 Troyes University of Technology (UTT), France

 Technical  Program Chairman
 Christophe BERENGUER
 Troyes University of Technology (UTT), France

 Technical  Program Co-Chairman
 Instituto Superior Tecnico - Technical University of Lisbon, Portugal

 Conference  Secretariat


 Submission of abstracts: January 15th, 2011

 Abstracts should be submitted on the conference website:

 Submission of full-length papers: March 31st, 2011




Thematic Areas

1. Accident and Incident investigation
2. Bayesian methods
3. Biological Risk from Industrial Activities
4. Consequence Modeling
5. Crisis and Emergency Management
6. Decision Support Systems and Software
Tools for Safety and Reliability
7. Dynamic Reliability
8. Fault Identification, Prognosis & Diagnostics
9. Human Factors
10. Integrated Risk Management and
Risk-Informed Decision-making
11. Legislative Dimensions of Risk
12. Maintenance Modelling and Optimisation
13. Major Disasters and Public Health
14. Monte Carlo Methods in System Safety
and Reliability
15. Occupational Safety
16. Organizational Learning
17. Reliability and Safety Data Collection
and Analysis
18. Risk and Evidence-Based Policy Making
19. Risk and Hazard Analysis
20. Risk Control in Complex Environments
21. Risk Perception and Communication
22. Safety Culture
23. Safety Management Systems
24. Software Reliability
25. Stakeholder and Public Involvement
in Risk Governance
26. Structural Reliability and Design Codes
27. System Reliability Analysis
28. Uncertainty and Sensitivity Analysis
29. Fault Tolerant Control & Systems

Industrial & Service Sectors

A. Aeronautics and Aerospace
B. Automotive Engineering
C. Biotechnology and Food Industry
D. Chemical Process Industry
E. Civil Engineering
F. Critical Infrastructures
G. Electrical and Electronic Engineering
H. Energy Production and Distribution
I. Environmental Engineering
J. Health, Medicine and Patient Safety
K. Information Technology and
L. Insurance and Finance
M. Manufacturing
N. Marine Industry
O. Mechanical Engineering
P. Natural Hazards
Q. Nuclear Engineering
R. Offshore Oil and Gas
S. Public Planing
T. Policy Decisions
U. Security and Protection
V. Surface Transportation (road and train)
W. Waterbone Transportation

Abstracts and manuscripts will be
reviewed by the technical programme
committee in accordance with
standard practice and the criteria for
the conference. Final acceptance of the
papers is based on review of the full
papers. The official language of the
conference will be English.